TopNA Main Accomplishments

May 23, 2016

In the beginning, ToPNA was the most dependent people’s organization of Kaibigan. They had no activities and they only implemented Kaibigan’s developed projects.

But over the years, ToPNA gradually managed to stand on its own. They were able to develop programs and services that suffice the needs of their members. For livelihood program, they ventured into selling of biscuits and processed meats, Piso-Piso Project (members save one peso daily), groceries (selling of commodities for much lower prices to its member) and fundraising. Generated income from these projects was added to their local funds.

In addition, they continued implementing Kaibigan’s projects like JPA and health assistance. Every PO’s area monthly meeting, they organized various health and environment-related orientations such as pulmonary tuberculosis, reproductive health, measles, hepatitis and importance of immunization.

In terms of education, they conducted regular reading session to improve the reading and comprehension skills of some chosen children in the community. They also conducted training for the youth in community that allowed them to know more about themselves and to determine their talents or strengths.

To date, TOPNA has 65 members. Their community leaders are now capacitated since they developed different skills and acquired enough knowledge important in community organizing. But they admitted that they are still having a difficult time getting the people’s full participation. Aside from home visitation as an action taken, leaders think that members have to undergo trainings on facilitation, documentation and organizing for them to appreciate more their role as members. “TopNA is still in the point of improvement.” This is what Community Leader Nanay Joy Altanan said. She observed that PO policies are still not firmly implemented and she suggested that they should have an urgent review on their by-laws. They will remove the ones that are not beneficial anymore to the PO and they will adopt new ones that would guide them in every work especially in livelihood programs.