STeP-Up Main Accomplishments

May 23, 2016

Sta. Ana Tejeron People’s Upliftment (STeP-Up) initial projects as local organization are composed of “clean up drive”, and giving school supplies and Christmas package to its active AGM members. They also offer crisis intervention, JPA, and health assistance to their members who are in need of such services.

As time went by, they adopted various livelihood programs to accumulate more funds like selling biscuits, collecting and selling of recycled materials, and fundraisings. For environmental project, they formulated the project Urban Container Gardening wherein they grow vegetables and some of the members could harvest and use for their own consumption. This activity is still on-going and some of their vegetable plants are cabbage, camote tops, water spinach, bitter gourd, okra and tomato. Last 2014, they obtained partnerships with Barangay 781 to start the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (CBDRRM) in their community. Through this, barangay officials were able to prepare community profile and DRRM plan for their barangay.

This year, STeP-Up has 42 members. They were able to provide crisis intervention on two families who are fire victims. They also shouldered the allowance of their five members. Food support was added on the list of their long time assistances. In addition, they have a regular teambuilding activity for both children and mothers to break barriers and in turn, develop the group relationship. They also continue giving health related and skills training to give people awareness on various health risks and be more vigilant to prevent disease.

New member’s participation is low and this is the problem of STeP-Up right now. They admitted that they fail to firmly implement their policies and to explain to them the importance and meaning of being a member. To solve this, they do regular home visitation to know the reason of their absence and to encourage them to give their full support and participation.

In the near future STeP-Up hopes to establish successful programs and services that will really give priority to poor members in terms to livelihood and health benefits.