PaFaCoWA Main Accomplishments

May 23, 2016

In the beginning, Pasigline Family and Community Welfare Association (PaFaCoWA) focused more on promoting and maintaining the cleanliness of their community. They conducted the Clean and Green Project every quarter in four barangays in their area and both beneficiaries and members participated on this. Part of thisparticular activity was to sweep the streets and to separate garbage into biodegradable and non-biodegradable. It also included planting trees and collecting recyclable materials from their neighbors. Also, they prioritized the expansion of their membership by inviting people to attend the package session about various topics.

Over the years, programs and services of PaFaCoWA were developed and new projects were added. They ventured into selling of rice, biscuits and candles. They were able to help one of their members to have a birth certificate. Parents and siblings can now avail health assistance. They give school supplies and Christmas groceries to their active members. Through fundraising activities, they are able to generate funds for JPA and allowance for their three active PO members. Theytransformed their environment project in the form of Urban Community Gardening to give back green life in the metro and also to get benefits coming from the crops of the plant.

Another accomplishment of PaFaCoWA with the help of other organizations was giving seminars and trainings on Disaster Risk Reduction to its partner barangays. They also responded to abuse cases like VAWC and rape. They also developed a case management program for misguided PO members.

Community leader Nanay Flordeliza Reynaldo said that they have now 65 committed members. Everybody is accountable to every activity of the PO. Majority of them are also equipped with knowledge on simple accounting, book keeping, and school and home visitation. The only problem is that sometimes their meetings and the DSWD’s 4Ps – government program that provides cash grants to poor families – are scheduled at the same date. To resolve the problem, they set a new schedule for their meetings. Community leader Nanay Ana Torres added that since they have new members, training on documentation and facilitation should be conducted. She also wished that they would practice a regular open forum to avoid any unresolved issues within their group.