TopNA 2014 Accomplishments

June 22, 2015

Reading session is a regular activity of Topacio Neighborhood Association (TopNa) that aims to improve the reading and comprehension skills of some chosen children in the community. Another objective of this activity is to restore the desire of the children in reading instead of playing computer games and visiting social networking sites. The reading sessions are done once a week and are being facilitated by a Community Leader of Kabataan In Action Committee (KIAC). The college scholars of Kaibigan under TopNa also help in this activity that serves as their service rendering being scholars.

TOPNA also provided its member an Orientation on importance of Immunization. The main objective of this activity is to give the parents information about the importance of having a complete immunization for their kids. It also aims to know the number of members in the community who have kid/kids with incomplete immunization. It was discussed in an area monthly meeting attended by 46 members of TopNA. The orientation was facilitated by Pedro Gil Lying-In and Community Health Center that is just very near the community.

Coaching tutorials on simple accounting and bookkeeping were provided to TopNA that helped the community leaderin-charge in Livelihood in improving their skills in handling financial aspects. This coaching was given once every 4(four) months by Kaibigan Foundation to the leaders in charge as auditor, treasurer, cashier and bookkeeper. Here, the leaders learn practical practices on accounting and bookkeeping. be using to simplify the monitoring and checking of their  fund.

TopNA Team Building

The PO also gives training for the youth in community entitled “Youth Leadership Training” where they learned to know more about themselves and to determine their talents or strengths from their weaknesses. In this training, the youth are expected to gain valuable knowledge. They were also given activities that allowed them to know their rights as youth and their skills which they can use to help other youth. It was attended by 36 youth from TopNA Youth Future Achiever (Core Group of TopNA) and Barangay 767 Task Force Pangkabataan (youth from barangay 767 Zone 83). It was successfully done with the help of Barangay 767, TopNa and Kaibigan Foundation. The division of assignments was done well, the Barangay for Logistical aspect, KEOFI for facilitation, and TopNa for Mobilization.

This 2014, TopNA conducted two (2) fundraisings. First is the Halloween Parade done last October 31, 2014 from which they earned Five Thousand Pesos (5, 000 Php. It was attended by all the members of TopNa. The net profit was allotted to the weekly allowance of three children of TopNA. Another fundraising performed is the Raffle Bonanza where they sold raffle tickets in exchange of the chance of winning various prizes. It was done last December 29, 2014 at the AMADOME Covered Court. The net profit of fundraising (15,000 Php) was allotted to support the programs and services of TopNA particularly the Job Placement Assistance (JPA), Health Assistance, and the installation of water service connection.

The PO also conducted a Hazard Survey and Mapping for CBDRRM Community Risk Assessment. This activity focuses on determining the hazards in the community. It is a part of studying the general situation of the community in the aspect of disaster preparedness. It was conducted last March 21- April10, 2015 led by community leaders and some other members. The survey was done throughout all the constituents of Barangay 767, Cluster 1, Cluster 2, Cluster 3, Cluster 4 and Cluster 5, residential and private. The result of the survey and mapping was presented in the Barangay Assembly. It also served as a basis of the planning of Barangay and other organizations like Gawad Kalinga and Kaibigan Foundation.

“Suking Tindahan ng TopNA” is a livelihood project suggested by the members of TopNa. The TopNa will supply products and goods that will be distributed amongst the members and will be paid two weeks after, based on the price of the products. In every order and selling, the member that gave their capital share will have an individual dividends from the overall income. This amount was used to support Birth Certificate Registration expenses of some children in the community and other administrative expenses.

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