STeP-Up 2014 Accomplishments

June 22, 2015

Step-Up is one of the PO’s which Kaibigan Foundation is helping in community organizing. Last year there had been a notable increase in the number of members of the PO. A lot of this came from the parents of the new scholars of Kaibigan Foundation while others are those who get other benefits from KEOFI and PO. A sudden increase in the population of mothers who lead in implementing different activities of the PO was also observed. The leadership in the PO, from four pioneer leaders was reinforced with the addition of five new leaders and two inactive were back in the PO’s yard. Said leaders focused to perform their assigned duties for their respective positions.

 Actual Demonstration of Head Lice Orientation

Capture 2 STep-Up Organization Faith Gardening as their involvement to the Urban Container Gardening (UCG) Program

In executing its activities, the PO made partnerships with other organizations and individuals in the community. One of those is Barangay 781 which helped the PO in starting Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction Management (CBDRRM) in the community. With the help of community leaders of the PO, they made a profiling in the barangay through a survey. Barangay officials and other members prepared a community profile and DRRM plan at Barangay 781. Today, the urban container gardening of Step-Up is still on-going. Some of their vegetable plants are pechay, talbos ng kamote, kangkong, ampalaya, okra and kamatis. Aside from planting, the PO continues to conduct orientations for diseases prevailing in the community. It was led by members and leaders of the Eco-Friendly Committee done simultaneously with the meetings.

Step-Up also conducted fund raising through different activities such as scrap collection, selling of biscuits, raffle draw and caroling. The proceeds from the scrap collection were directed in supporting allowances of four PO children chosen for their being active members of the PO. Profits from selling biscuits went to either for the activities focused on children or the parents like family day and team building. Raffle and caroling fund goes to job placement assistance, school supplies for AGM children, assistances such as health crisis, and PO Christmas party.

Step-Up conducted PO Christmas party wherein the PO gave simple Christmas groceries to active PO members. In the said event, children and parents who participated actively and eagerly in different PO and KEOFI activities were recognized.

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