OPENA 2014 Accomplishments

June 19, 2015

OPENA provides its members a seminar on preparing less-costly menus for their families. It is in line with their advocacy on preparing cheap but nutritious meal at home. The PO aims to encourage and to somehow, little by little, make them realize that it does not need a huge amount of money in order to prepare a nutritious meal. As of 2014, the PO has already given its members a total of ten menus. With the help of its members who voluntarily share their knowledge in cooking with others. One by one, they take charge in actual area monthly meetings. From this activity, the number of members that apply their learning to their own family grew. The menu from meetings were collected and documented to come up with a book containing different menus and different processes of cooking.

The PO also conducted a major fund raising activity this year for its upcoming activities. The fund generated was distributed among its committees as a support for their programs and services. Through this, the PO had given more health assistance (X-ray and laboratory test) and additional funds for the medicines that will be needed by the members. Some were also given Job Placement Assistance (JPA) while three elementary students from family that are greatly in need were given school allowance for the whole school year 2014- 2015. In addition, 10 non-beneficiaries of Educational Assistance Program (EAP) of Kaibigan were given school supplies.


The number of PO members increased by about 25 and now having a total of 72 members this year. This is from the effort of other members on inviting everyone to attend different orientations and trainings given to the community. The screening also gave them chance for one of their kids to become a beneficiary of EAP. Those non-members of PO who were interested about the organization were absorbed later on and were also given JPA and Health assistances. The Recruitment and Maintenance of Member Committee (RMMC) did their job well. They do regular home-visitations to members to know the current events and changes or happenings in the family and to ensure they will continue participating in the activities of PO.

This team building activity at Paco Park had been very useful for the PO. Majority of the facilitators were Community Leaders with the guide of Community Workers. The activity focused on uplifting the interests and commitment of everyone to participate in each activity of the PO. Self-Awareness is partly discussed due to the huge number of new members. The team building also made way for the members to know each other better.


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