BINHI 2014 Accomplishments

May 2, 2015

Four members were chosen and benefitted in this project. Based on monitoring after the project, the beneficiaries became more active in the community projects of the PO. The chosen families were thankful for that the project improved the floorings in their home and made it more conducive to sleep on.

Additional Agents for PO Livelihood Project
The PO now has 12 agents after three new were added this year. The PO agents serve as reseller of PO’s products mainly food products like tocino, biscuits and rice, and also toiletries. These agents earn about P2, 000 to P5, 000 a month that help them provide for the basic needs of their family. It also helped them realize their potentials in other things and also helped them gain sense of responsibility even more.

Fund Raising
In order to have materials for the training project “Linis at Ganda, Mula Ulo Hanggang Paa”, BINHI made a fundraising. The materials needed specifically are for massage, manicure, pedicure and hair cutting. The materials were provided at once for the beneficiaries to practice immediately the knowledge they have learnt from the trainings and workshops.

Values Clarification Workshop and Entrepreneurship Training on Project “Linis at Ganda, Mula Ulo Hanggang Paa”
Sixteen (16), composed of PO leaders and members were benefited in this activity. They also underwent values clarifications workshop and entrepreneurship training held in BASECO Evacuation Centreon November, 2014. The main purpose of this project is to basically help the mothers and other home-based individuals to be more productive and earn money even they are at the comfort of their homes and help earn more for their children and families.

Linkages and Networking

It’s an objective of PO to be more responsive in the needs of the community; the need to maximize the resources available in the community is one of the initiatives they have undertaken. The Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (CBDRRM) became a venue for the PO to be part of the BASECO Inter Agency Network (BIAN). Because of this initiative, the PO together with the other Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s), Civil Society Organizations (CSO), Barangay Local Government Unit (BLGU) and other sectors in the community have come together and help the DRR become more effective. In fact, the BLGU and spearheaded by the BIAN have held a series of activities on DRR including: Contingency Planning on flooding, focused in preparation; BLGU DRR structure (participated by NGOs, CSOs, and other Sectors in the Community); Evacuation Centre Management; Simulation of various disasters; and creation of Community Emer gency Response Team (CERT). On the BLGU DRR Structure, the BINHI, the PO belongs to the emergency team.

Aside from the DRR activities, the BIAN also has initiated other activities and services to uphold the child’s rights and protection through Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC) trainings and workshops.

Provision of Allowance
The PO has provided allowance to two (2) students, one high school and one elementary. There are abundant changes that can be observed to the beneficiaries of the project. Before, they were said to be lonely and physically unhealthy, but now, they have become active in BINHI. They become happier and physically healthy as they receive school allowance and provided with health assistance. The services provided help them become motivated and be inspired to study harder than before.









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