Onyx People’s Empowerment Neighborhood Association (OPENA)

August 13, 2013

a. Name of the Local Organization. Onyx People’s Empowerment Neighbourhood Association

 b. Situation in the Community. Most of the people living in the area do not have regular source of income. The area is full of junkshops in which majority of the population rely upon where selling of scrap materials are being sold through “pagbobote” (buy and sell). Smoke is always present in the community cause by the process of burning bronze and plastic (This is the process undertaken to extract bronze from its plastic container). Bronze are hefty sold in junkshops. Plenty of children and adults are suffering from respiratory related diseases because of this practice.

“Pagbobote” is the usual job of the people, producing a hand- to- mouth existence of  families living in the area. Some are taking on jobs in constructions, vending   laundry, salon service and the like. Also present in the community are out-of- school youth, they are usually roaming around the streets during night time but during day time, they are also a small sector of the labor force, also doing “pagbobote” as a form of helping the family augment their income.

 Vision: Envisions an organized community wherein every family will contribute for the development of their own community and the society in general.

 Mission: Commits to lessen the number of poor families of Barangay 775 and to make them aware and act collectively on issues affecting them.

 Goal: To uplift the living condition and to have child/woman-friendly community with high respect on children’s and women’s rights.

 c. Objectives of the Local Organization. The local organization wants to have a solid and established local organization that would assist its members to improve their standard of living.

To help the people to become members of the local organization; To create jobs that would benefit people to have a regular source of income and to encourage them to learn to save; through this system or by giving them opportunity to learn, they would not have much time to have  vices and unproductive activities; the local organization has the aim of strengthening its partnership with the local government units especially the barangay. The LOs partnership with the barangay would put forward creating or enhancing programs and services for the poor.    


President:            Delia Torres

Vice President:    Mira Rante

Treasurer:           Rose Jocelyn Cinco

Secretary:           Janelyn Gayoso

Auditor:              Gemma Noveda

d. Programs and Services.  The local organization is composed of three committees: Environment and HealthLivelihood and Parents and Child Relation. The Environment and Health will give services pertaining to health needs of the members through giving awareness education on food and nutrition, and on fighting tuberculosis and other sickness prevalent in the community in partnership with KEOFI and other organizations. The Livelihood will concentrate its activities on community livelihood projects and fund raising activities of the local organization. The main project is creating a people managed cooperative for the community. Children’s advocacy would be the main task of Parents and Child Relation. It aims at giving children opportunity to participate in community affairs like BCPC (Barangay Council for the Protection of Children) and partnership with Sangguniang Kabataan to ensure that children are protected and that their rights are being upheld through community-based activities.  The committee is also in-charge of giving orientation and training on topics such as the ff: Child Sexual Abuse Prevention, Violence against Women and Children, Parents Effectiveness Seminar at Child Rights Approach. The above programs have its assigned committees to ensure implementation of activities.