Community Organization Program

August 10, 2013

The main objectives of the COP are to raise the awareness of individuals, parents and children in poor communities of such major issues as the rights of children, and to encourage them to believe that they can do something to influence and improve the conditions in which they live. The COP also stimulates indigenous leadership and helps parents and children to access internal and external resources to meet individual, family and community needs. In all aspects of COP, Kaibigan works with community leaders to plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate the program.

The Poverty Alleviation (PA) component  have been set to address financial and livelihood needs. This is geared towards improved economic condition of families that would help them better provide their children’s basic needs. PA has different services, namely, job placement , support to community livelihood projects, food selling and social enterprise.

These programmes are being continuously delivered by community leaders (usually the mothers of beneficiary children being educated by Kaibigan), guided by Kaibigan’s staff  in fifth district of Manila. Many of these programmes are delivered through face to face interactions with the poor families and their children through training and workshops on subjects such as human rights, reproductive health, disaster management.

Over 30 years, Kaibigan has impacted massively on the lives of thousands of urban poor who have directly benefitted either from getting an education or from its many other programmes of assistance.