Community Leader’s Case management Focused on Assessment and POA Making Seminar-Workshop


Kaibigan Foundation in pursuit of its vision of communities in which urban poor children and their families are empowered, productive and responsible members of the society, established partner local people’s organization among its beneficiaries in the fifth district of Manila giving them the opportunity to facilitate within themselves the development of the community with the guidance and supervision of Kaibigan. As part of its establishment Community Leaders from each respective areas were chosen to be the vanguard in facilitating the development of the community.

And as this local people’s organization leaders carry out the initiatives of their organization, the community leader’s deal with different kinds of social case evolving from family to family on their area. These case includes a variety of abuses, socioeconomic difficulties and personal conflicts within the families being dealt with case to case.

Thus, requiring the community leaders skills to handle cases which are at points sensitive and even confidential as it may be. So, Kaibigan Foundation initiated a three-day seminar workshop for community leaders of the people’s organization equipping them with necessary skills and knowledge in managing cases specifically focusing on assessment guiding them to easier and much efficient plan of action.

Such workshop included the basics on case management, tools in data gathering, practical tips in handling cases while much of the time was given to actual workshop on actual assessment-making facilitated and given by Ms. Susana G. Biteng, Ms. Ailyn Jullar-Aniano as assisted by two PCU social work students.

The seminar workshop was held at The Bricks House Resort, Calamba, Laguna from April 26-28 attended by 38 leaders from different people’s organization.

It was designed to hone leaders in strengthening data gathering and validation skills in order to arrive with an appropriate assessment considering economic, social and other aspect of family life. The said assessment which are usually done with the family is a critical activity that will be the basis in facilitating a plan of action making.

But this seminar workshop did not stop and was left behind at Bricks, it was backed up with follow-up session focused on the development of the cases assigned to each community leader with Ms. Susana G. Biteng as facilitator of the session.

These kinds of capacitation and seminar workshops helps leaders to deal with their communities varied problems and even with their own families conflicts reinforcing their social interaction skills and making them true pillars to lean on in times of uncertainties.


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